CCMI fort myers | Community Cooperative Soup Kitchen | Meals on Wheels Fort Myers

May 20, 2019
Community Involvement

About CCMI in Fort Myers:

Community Cooperative is a well-respected organization based in Fort Myers that aims to break the cycle of poverty and homelessness. One of their key initiatives is the Soup Kitchen program, which provides nutritious meals to those in need. They also offer programs like Meals on Wheels to ensure that homebound individuals receive hot, healthy meals.

CCMI Fort Myers Services:

Community Cooperative in Fort Myers offers a wide range of services to support the community. The Soup Kitchen program is a vital resource for individuals and families facing food insecurity. By providing meals in a welcoming environment, CCMI helps those in need feel supported and nourished.

Additionally, the Meals on Wheels program delivers nutritious meals to homebound individuals who may not have access to proper nutrition. This service not only provides food but also a friendly visit, ensuring that recipients feel cared for and valued.

Community Cooperative: Making a Difference

Community Cooperative in Fort Myers is dedicated to making a positive impact on the lives of those in need. Through their various programs, including the Soup Kitchen and Meals on Wheels, they strive to provide essential services and support to the community.

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